A cash loan can be used to cover an unusual spike in expenses or an unusual shortfall in income. When you have repaid loans in full and on time, we will normally be able to provide another loan when requested. As responsible lenders, we always assess your circumstances for each loan.

Our fees are simple. A 20% establishment fee is charged plus a 4% fee per month. These fees are included in the repayment amounts shown below. Please note, if a direct debit is dishonoured or a payment is missed a fee of $30 will be charged. However there is no additional fee for being overdue.

How much do you need?

Weekly Payments

4 x $155

Fortnightly Payments

2 x $310

Monthly Payments

1 x $620

Amount borrowed $500
Establishment fee @ 20% $100
Monthly fee @ 4% $20
Total to repay = $155 x 4 weeks $620

The repayment frequency will match your income cycle. The total to repay is the same for each cycle.